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Margir segja frá þátttöku sinni í Reykjavíkurmaraþoni á bloggsíðum og í blöðum eða senda okkur með tölvupósti. Hér eru nokkrar skemmtilegar frásagnir sem borist hafa.

Kamiar Kouzekanani (USA)
"I highly recommend Reykjavik Marathon as a destination marathon." Click here to read his race report.

Anders Forselius (SWE)
Anders Forselius has finished over 100 marathons. He took part in the 2013 Reykjavik Marathon and wrote a blog about it (in Swedish) on runnersworld.se. He loved the Reykjavik Marathon rout: "Sceneriet, wow! Storlagna vyer som effektivt tog bort fokus från det faktum att man var där för att springa långdistans. Löpvänliga cykelvägar och naturupplevelser från start till mål och.. helt apropå hade man korsat mållinjen!" Click here for a pre-race blog and here for a post-race blog. Learn more about Anders Foselius on his web bikingviking.net.

Christian Odgaard (NOR)
Christian Odgaard wrote a blog about the 2013 Reykjavik Marathon on sportsmanden.no. He thinks that all runners "collecting" marathons around the world should have Reykjavik on their CV: "Personlig mener jeg alle som samler på maraton bør ha Reykjavik på sin CV. For en by, for et folk og for et løp!!!" Click here to read his blog (in Norwegian).

Kristíne Erwin (UK)
Kristíne Erwin ran her first marathon when she took part in the Islandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon 2012. Kristíne, who lives in London, ran in support of Lady Allen Adventure Playgroud which she describes as a wonderful activity centre and playground for disabled children on Wandsworth Common in London. "This is a cause very close to my heart because through personal experience, I have seen the incredible work Lady Allen does. Disabled children simply don't have access to many activities or opportunities to socialize with other kids that able-bodied children have." This Kristíne writes on her fundraising webpage or FUNraising as she chooses to call it where she has raised over 4 thousand pounds. Click here to visit the homepage.

Marsha White (USA)
"There is something magical to me in the words Reykjavik and Iceland – I think of trolls and Vikings, geysers and waterfalls, volcanoes and pristine countryside. In our recent trip to Iceland, I was not disappointed. Maybe I didn’t actually see any Vikings or trolls, in person anyway, but I did learn quite a bit about this fascinating country. The history of Iceland is full of sagas, mostly fact, some fiction, of the earliest Norwegian settlers who were indeed Vikings searching for rich soil and pasture. And the folklore of Iceland is replete with tales of elves and trolls who cause mischief and strange happenings throughout the country. What better place to choose for a marathon?" This is the beginning of Marsha White's blog on her trip to Iceland in August 2012 when she among other things took part in the Islandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon. Click here to read her full story.

Annie B - The New York Flyers
The New York Flyers, established 1989, is the biggest and most vibrant running club in all of New York City. One of the members, Annie B., ran the 2011 Reykjavik Marathon. Annie says on the New York Flyers blog: "I would absolutely run this race again, and strongly encourage others to run it, too. In less time than it takes to get from New York to Boston on a Friday night, you can be in a beautiful country with a lively athletic culture, active nightlife, and a local spa." Click here to read the the full story of Annie B.

Michael Schard - laufreport.de
Michael wrote an article in German about the 2011 Reykjavik Marathon published on the web laufreport.de. Click here to read the article and view some nice photos from Iceland.

Ruth Ravve - Fox news
"I was 12 miles into the race, my lungs were burning, my heart was pounding and I thought I heard a "creek" coming from my knees. I considered calling it quits. But then I came around the corner to see the beautiful blue sea with a backdrop of snow-covered mountains. It was a stark, but amazing reminder that I wasn't in my hometown of Chicago. I was in Reykjavik, Iceland, running a marathon." writes Ruth Ravve from Fox news in her article about the booming business of marathon travel. Ruth was one of the participants in the 2011 Reykjavik Marathon. Click here to read the story (note that the photo attached is not from the Reykjavik Marathon race).

Tim Heming, The Sun
Tim Heming a writer from the English national newspaper The Sun ran the Reykjavik Marathon 2010. He tells the readers of The Sun that the Reykjavik Marathon course was the cleanest one he has ever run. Tim also writes that the race was very scenic and the friendly community gave him plenty of support to spur to the finish. Click here to read the Reykjavik Marathon story of Tim Heming. Click here for a pdf file from The Sun and here for a pdf file from The Scottish Sun.

Jo Cullen
I’ve been meaning to write to you for a while to give my feedback on the run this year (2010). I had a fantastic time – the weather was perfect, the atmosphere relaxed and sociable, and the course was great.
My personal highlight was the short residential street we ran down near the beginning – all the residents on the doorsteps cheering us along. It certainly lifted my spirits (although I could have done with that sort of support at the end as well).
Another highlight was the whole day afterwards. Don’t ever change it from the day of Culture Night. As a visitor to your country for three weeks, I saw more people in that one day and night than the whole of the rest of the time! It showed the city in a very different light from the normal.
Congrats, and thank you.

Linda Quirk (USA)
Linda ran seven marathons on seven continents to raise money and awareness for Caron Treatment Centers, the drug and alcohol treatment community that helped her stepdaughter reclaim her life. Her fifth of seven marathons was the Reykjavik Marathon Íslandsbanka 2008.
„What a beautiful, spectacular country and course. It was amazing. You ran through a park and there was water on both sides. It was exhilarating. I loved this marathon.“
You will find more information´s about run7on7.com and Linda Quirk by clicking here. Video from Linda´s trip to Iceland and her blog about the trip can give you a good idea about what Reykjavik Marathon and Iceland is like.

Michelle Edwards
What a wonderful experience for my first marathon!! Icelanders are among the friendliest people I have ever met.

James Walker (NB, Canada)
Wow! Thanks so much for the Awesome Event. It was my first marathon and I had a blast. Everything was first rate from the pre-race meal to great race course support.

Malcolm Gains (Canada)
Just a quick message to tell you how much I enjoyed the marathon (despite the wind and rain). It was a great race, well the last 10 km wasn't quite so nice, but I enjoyed it anyway. I am also enjoying the rest of your country, it really is spectacular! I have a few more days to track down a restaurant that serves the shark that has been preserved for several months or some puffin. Anyway, I am really enjoying my visit and will be passing along lots of positive comments to anybody at home that will listen!

Hans-Peter Richter ( München, Germany)
"In my opinion this is one of a million reasons why people shoud participate in the Reykjavik Marathon- by the way: it's a true reason: As everyone who wants to know knows: Island is the home of Elves, Fairies and Trools. And you can call them during the race, to help you running your personal record time. That’s what I did. I was getting 60 years old. They came and I finished the 10km in less than 1 hour. My personal record. I will be proud of it for the rest of my live. Thank you Island."

John from Oregon

"The evening before the Reykjavik Marathon the meeting organizers had a barbeque on Malmy and they said we were to be back about 9pm but didn't get back until 1 in the am. So I got up at 5 am and drove to Reykjavik, arriving at 9:30, picked up my packet, and ran a marathon.

Because of the driving, my right leg, the accelerator leg, started cramping at about 30k, so I had to have a fair number of walking stretches in the last 10k so the time was glacially slow. Anyway, it was quite a bit of fun and I never got especially tired. The course is really beautiful with great views. At one point we passed a small waterfall, about 2 m high, and three 10 year old kids were jumping from the top of the falls into the pool at the bottom -- it looked like fun but rather chilly.After the run we had a great tour to Myvatn. Lots of midges but beautiful. There are charr there in pools in the cracks and caves that have evolved differently from the ones in the lake. Iceland is truly a beautiful country with warm people and spectacular scenery. It seems like a wonderful place to live."

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Um Íþróttabandalag Reykjavíkur

Íþróttabandalag Reykjavíkur (ÍBR) var stofnað 1944 og eru samtök íþróttafélaganna í Reykjavík. Árlega hefur Íþróttabandalagið umsjón með sex stórum íþróttaviðburðum: Reykjavíkurmaraþon Íslandsbanka í ágúst, Laugavegshlaupið í júlí, WOW Tour of Reykjavik og Miðnæturhlaup Suzuki í júní, WOW Northern Lights Run í febrúar og WOW Reykjavik International Games í janúar.