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On-line registration ends today

On-line registration for the Reykjavik Marathon, that takes place on Saturday August 20th, ends today at 16:00. Click on the red "on-line registration" button to register for the race.

More than seven thousand people have already registered for the 2011 Reykjavik Marathon, including over 1.200 international runners. Most people have registered for the 10k, around 3.000 runners. The half marathon is also popular with more than 1.500 runners registered. Almost 700 runners are registered for the marathon distance.

Those who miss the on-line registration have possibility to register at the EXPO in Laugardalsholl (sports hall) on Friday August 19th. The opening hours are from 10:00 to 19:00. Click here for further information.

Reykjavik Culture Night

The Reykjavik Culture Night is an annual event, held in the city of Reykjavik since 1996. The Reykjavik Marathon and the Reykjavik Culture Night take place on the same day, Saturday August 20th.

Reykjavik Culture Night has become an essential part of cultural life in Iceland, with thousands of people strolling the streets of the city on this exciting and eventful night. Culture Night offers the change to enjoy a variety of activities ranging from guided tours, traditional show and exhibitions to more unusual happenings. A number of cultural institutes such as galleries, shops, cafes, churches, restaurants and bars in downtown of Reykjavik stay open until late.

Click here to find information about the Culture Night and it´s program.

David Kirkland is aiming for his third title

The winner of Reykjavik Marathon 2009 and 2008, David Kirkland, is returning back to Reykjavik this year and is aiming for his third title. David ran the Reykjavik Marathon on the time 2:32:52 in 2008 and on 2:28:48 in 2009. In 2010 David ran a marathon in Italy on 2:23 so it will be exciting to see his results in Reykjavik Marathon this year.

Almost 500 runners are now registered for the marathon distance in Reykjavik Marathon 2011 and more are expected to join later on. Runners in Reykjavik Marathon can also choose to run half marathon, 10k, relay race and 3k fun run. Online registration is open until 16:00 on Wednesday August 17th. Click here to register.

Almost 600 international runners registered

Registration for the 2011 Reykjavik Marathon is in full swing. 1337 runners have registered for the race that will take place on Saturday August 20th.

Most people have registered for the half marathon, 471 runners. The 10k race is also popular with 471 runners registered. The full marathon has 356 runners registered.

Registered runners are from 36 countries around the world, 754 Icelandic runners and 583 from other countries. Most of the runners come from the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Click on the red “ON-LINE REGISTRATION” button on the right to register for the 2011 Reykjavik Marathon.

Why Reykjavik Marathon?

The Reykjavik Marathon is an annual running event, established in 1984. In its 27 year long history it has grown from a small race to a great event with over 10.000 runners taking part in several distances.

A survey was sent to all runners in the 2010 Reykjavik Marathon with questions about the race and possibility to write comments. If you are wondering about taking part in the 2011 Reykjavik Marathon you should read some of the comments from the survey...

„The Reykjavik Marathon was the first race that I have ever run, and it could not have been better! I thought that the organisation was brilliant, and had a wonderful day. I hope to be able to come back and run it again in the future.”

„Thought the idea of involving all ages and abilities is excellent to promote healthy living.”

„I had a wonderful time running Reykjavik. Thank you.”

„The marathon is a great fun event and has a very friendly and professional atmosphere (run it twice and hope to run next year too).”

„I just want to say that visiting Iceland and running the half-marathon in Reykjavik was absolutely brilliant!!! I honestly do not have any complaints. If the arrangement surrounding the race is of the same quality as it was this year, there is basically no room for improvement. It was like a well-oiled machine. Congratulations to all of the people in involved in making the race such a pleasure to participate in.”

„It was a wonderful event! The marathon route was fantastic along the water and through the city."

More than 1000 registered runners

Registration for the 2011 Reykjavik Marathon is in full swing. More than 1000 runners have registered for the race that takes place on August 20th 2011.

Registered runners have 30 different nationalities. 630 runners are Icelandic and 430 from other nations. Most of the foreign runners are from the US but also many runners from Canada. 370 runners have registered for the half marathon, 290 for the full marathon, 350 for the 10 km race and 50 for the 3 km fun run.

Click on the red „ON-LINE REGISTRATION“button on the right to register.

„The cleanest course I´ve ever run”

Tim Heming a writer from the English national newspaper The Sun ran the Reykjavik Marathon 2010. He tells the readers of The Sun that the Reykjavik Marathon course was the cleanest one he has ever run. Tim also writes that the race was very scenic and the friendly community gave him plenty of support to spur to the finish. Click here to read the Reykjavik Marathon story of Tim Heming.

About Reykjavik Sports Union

The Reykjavik Sports Union was established in 1944 and is the association of sports clubs in Reykjavik. The Reykjavik Sports Union organizes six sports events every year: Íslandsbanki Reykjavík Marathon in August, Laugavegur Ultra Marathon in July, Suzuki Midnight Sun Run and WOW Tour of Reykjavik in June, WOW Northern Lights Run in February and WOW Reykjavik International Games in January.