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Volcanic eruption

As the world has heard there is a volcano eruption in Iceland that has made an impact on people’s lives over the past few weeks, especially those travelling with planes.

Runners registered for the Reykjavik Marathon to be held on August 21st 2010 should not worry about travelling to Iceland. Daily life goes on as usual as the immediate effects of the eruption remain for the most part localized - limited to an area in the south of Iceland. Businesses, public services, and public transportations have remained open and all infrastructures, such as electricity and communications networks, remain secure.

Although the volcano poses no safety threat to people in Iceland, visitors are nevertheless encouraged to follow developments and seek factual information from the relevant authorities. Very little ash has fallen over the last few days – and is only visible as a very fine dust on cars near the eruption site. The volcanic eruption is now stable, and is roughly one tenth of the size it was during the first few days. Although some ash mist might reach the capital area, it is not likely to cause more air pollution than a heavy traffic day in Reykjavik. So no need for masks!

The Civil Protection Department of the Icelandic Police publishes news releases about the eruption at the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic system on their website every day. Click here to visit their website. Information’s are also updated regularly on the Icelandic Tourist Board website visiticeland.com. The new service boston.com has gathered some amazing pictures from the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull. Click here if you want to see the pictures. More useful links about the volcanic activity can be found here.

See you in August!

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